Alternative Treatments in Veterinary Medicine

The recent acceptance of alternative therapies has been spectacular, and offers us therapy options outside of the realm of mainstream medicine.  Located below are some unique methods currently being used or investigated in veterinary medicine.

Acupressure is the practice of using massage techniques along the same meridian lines as acupuncture without the use of needles.  It directs energy from the surface of the body to the internal organs. Any blockage in these meridians disrupts the energy flow and causes imbalances in the system causing illness.

Acupressure methods include soft touch, medium touch, and deep tissue massage, which incorporates various hand, finger and elbow techniques. Sensitivity to touch is crucial when putting pressure on a meridian line.

Hydrotherapy is the practice of utilizing water as a counter measure to strengthen muscle groups and rehabilitation. Hydrotherapy is helping many animals and people with arthritis, muscle pain and rehabilitation from injuries.

Added benefits of hydrotherapy include: increased flexibility, endurance, and strength conditioning. Warm water stimulates, invigorates, and relaxes the system while cold water helps reduce muscular swelling and pain by constricting the blood vessels. Many techniques incorporate utilizing alternating hot and cold water.

Gemmotherapy utilizes extracts from the nucleus of young buds, shoots, and immature plant tissues. This method extracts the highest concentration of active vitamins, amino acids, plant hormones, minerals, and more. Cultivating the young plant allows the extract to have more bio-available nutrients than the mature plant. Each extract is organ specific, and now combinations are coming to market. The elimination of toxins and metabolic waste is paramount in gemmotherapy as this therapy helps eliminate cell poisons at the cellular level.

Live Cell (Dark Field) Microscopy is a diagnostic modality that utilizes a small amount of blood placed under a specialized microscope. Within a few minutes the administrator can see deficiencies in the blood. Understanding those deficiencies, specialized herbal or nutritional programs can be developed to eliminate the cause of the deficiency and help restore proper health to the person or animal.

Magnetic Therapy uses equal applications of positive and negative energy that help keep the system in balance. When either the positive or negative become greater than its counterpart, an imbalance occurs leading to a system imbalance which can relate to illness. All animals have bioelectric magnetic fields and utilizing the correct magnet will increase blood flow and circulation helping augment tissue healing, the elimination of pain, and waste products allowing for a shortened healing time.

Music Therapy has been utilized for behavioral modification. Various soothing musics such as sea sounds, soft wind blowing in a forest and various symphonies can have a calming effect on many animals. Whether coming out of surgery, recovering from illness, being just plain moody, or other, music has a soothing effect.

Flower Therapy is a form of Homeopathy that uses liquid remedies that are prepared by taking the blossoms of flowers, putting them in a bowl, adding spring water and placing outside under direct sun light. The water is then fed to the pet. Flower therapy is highly potent therapy. This therapy helps emotional and mental stability resulting in improved health.


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