Safe Pet Treats – What Are the Best Treats for Your Dog?

Dog with bone

There is a considerable amount of controversy over whether or not to feed dogs bones as treats. And, what about pig ears? Or jerky pet treats? While bones, jerky treats, pet chews and pig ears seem to be natural choices to give your dogs to nibble and chew on, here are … Continue reading

Homeopathic Remedies for Canine Trauma

Arnica from Leopards' Bane

While the first and immediate issues that veterinary emergency clinics need to focus on when a canine presents with vehicular trauma are normally the physical/internal injuries, it is also important to treat the trauma from shock that usually accompanies these injuries. In a case study highlighted in the Journal of … Continue reading

Equine Osteomyelitis Treated with Chinese Herbal Formula

Osteomyelitis is a diagnosis that many horse owners are devastated to hear, as it is a serious, and often life-threatening, infection of the bones. This infection is not as common in grown horses as it is in foals, because the immune system in foals is not as strong and able … Continue reading

Turmeric for Dogs

Turmeric root and powder

Turmeric is a spice that is commonly used in Asian and Middle Eastern food preparations. It has a bright yellow-orange color and is derived from a plant, called Curcuma longa, which belongs to the ginger family. This spice is made by boiling, drying, and then grinding the rhizomes found in … Continue reading

Dental Disease in Pets: How Holistic Remedies Can Help

Dental Disease in a Dog

It’s a fact that one of the most common diseases seen by veterinarians today is dental disease.  In fact, it is such a problem that each year, the entire month of February is devoted to promoting dental health and procedures for pets. Poor dental health not only creates severe oral … Continue reading

Holistic Measures to Help Arthritis in Horses

Treatments for equine arthritis

While there are thousands of studies on humans and homeopathic treatments and remedies for arthritis, there is a shortage of scientific studies on horses and treating and remedying arthritis with holistic medicine. Fortunately, there is still an abundance of information from individual sources that discuss different holistic choices horse owners can … Continue reading