Manipulative Therapy for Back Pain in Horses

Chiropractic on a horse

Before alternative therapies started becoming popular, back problems in horses were issues that caused anxiety for horse owners and veterinarians alike. There were very limited treatment options available for back problems in horses, therefore these issues usually deteriorated and became the source of poor performance. Now, manipulative therapy is being … Continue reading

Valerian and Its Benefits for Companion Animals

Valerian Root

Valerian, or Valerian officinalis, is a flowering plant which grows approximately 4 feet tall and, during the summer, blooms fragrant flowers in various shades of white and pink. While its flowers are beautiful, the medicinal value of the plant lies in its roots. For humans, the dried root of valerian … Continue reading

Vaccine-Induced Sarcoma in Cats

Fibrosarcoma in a cat

There’s plenty of debate about whether pets should be vaccinated at all, especially after they’re 1-2 years old. We still vaccinate dogs and cats throughout their lifespan, and we use 3 year vaccines whenever possible. However, in cats we use vaccines that are only labeled for one year, and there’s … Continue reading

Antioxidants and Your Pet’s Health

A glass of dirty water

You have probably heard about people turning to diets rich in antioxidants to boost their immune systems and help them prevent age-related degenerative diseases. These substances can be found in various types of teas, fruits, dark chocolate, and even red wine. What you may not know, however, is that veterinarians … Continue reading

Lyme Disease in Horses: A Holistic Approach

Deer tick

Lyme disease is a complicated disease in all species that it effects, and horses are no different. The general consensus is that if homeopathy is used to treat Lyme disease, it must be administered on a continual basis. Because equine Lyme disease is rare, there are no vaccinations as of … Continue reading

Alternative Therapies for Pain Control in Dogs and Cats

Dog wearing a splint and an Elizabethan collar

Dogs and cats feel pain for a number of reasons, just like humans. Pain can be caused by many acute and chronic conditions, as well as by injury.  Fortunately for us, we can ask for help and often treat ourselves when we are hurting.  The sad fact about pain in canines is … Continue reading

Mushroom Compound for Canine Cancer Patients

Medicinal mushrooms for cancer

Up until just recently, when a man’s best friend is diagnosed with cancer, such as hemangiosarcoma, even if the dog received chemotherapy treatment, the prognosis was extremely guarded for living a long, full life. Hemangiosarcoma is relatively common in dogs and one of the most mystifying and exigent diseases of … Continue reading

Equine Hanna Somatics: An Alternative Approach to Your Horse’s Overall Wellness

Equine Hanna Somatics

Equine Hanna Somatics was introduced in 1997, after being adapted from the human practice of Hanna Somatics, and the documented response of horses that have undergone its therapy has been profound. Sources of Discomfort in Horses Horses, like humans and any other vertebrate animal, develop chronically contracted muscles as a … Continue reading

Holistic Treatment for Equine Stomach Ulcers

Our horse’s behavior will normally warn us that there is something wrong if we simply stay attentive to subtle signs. Symptoms such as a hearty eater becoming irritable and agitated during dinner, eating less, slower or possibly not at all, or even pinning their ears during feeding time, could alert … Continue reading