Leaky Gut Syndrome in Pets

Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS) is a problem in people and animals alike. And recent research is pointing to LGS as a possible causative agent in many previously unrelated diseases. What Is Leaky Gut Syndrome? The GI track (or alimentary canal in medical jargon) should be thought of as an internal … Continue reading

Vaccine-Induced Sarcoma in Cats

Fibrosarcoma in a cat

There’s plenty of debate about whether pets should be vaccinated at all, especially after they’re 1-2 years old. We still vaccinate dogs and cats throughout their lifespan, and we use 3 year vaccines whenever possible. However, in cats we use vaccines that are only labeled for one year, and there’s … Continue reading

A Natural Approach to Your Pet’s Allergies, Part 1

dog scratching from allergies

Allergies and allergic skin disease (also sometimes referred to as atopy or atopic dermatitis) is a lifelong condition.  It is an inflammatory response that occurs in the skin as a result of allergies, and it is one of the most common skin conditions seen in dogs, cats, and horses.  There … Continue reading