TTouch for Cats can Calm Negative Behaviors and Improve the Feline-Human Bond

TTouch for cats

Not all cats are going to be patient and sit still long enough for their owners or other people who come into contact with them to perform Tellington Touch (TTouch) on them. According to the research, though, this method of massage is worth a try for felines. More research has … Continue reading

New Treatments for Equine Arthritis

Treatments for equine arthritis

Equine arthritis – technically termed osteoarthritis – can be attributed to approximately 60% of equine lameness cases, according to The And, while most horse owners maintain the ideal that only the older, possibly harder-worked horses will end up with osteoarthritis, the truth is that just about any horse can … Continue reading

Why Communicating With Your Horse Is Vital for His Welfare

Communicating with a horse

Humans and horses are two very different species when it comes to behavior and communication. When dealing with horses, we have to remember that they are herd animals that are accustomed to also being animals of prey; therefore they flourish best in groups. Their primitive instincts remain dominant, even in … Continue reading

TTouch in Horses – Bonding with and Influencing Your Horse

Tellington Touch Used on a Horses Ear

Similar to its use in canines, the Tellington Touch (TTouch) approach has been highly recommended to aid in increasing the bond between horses and their owners, as well as improving horses’ temperaments. If you have not yet heard of this technique, Tellington Touch is a focused approach to aid in … Continue reading

The Tellington Touch for Dogs

Canine massage

Many of you have heard of the Tellington Touch (or the TTouch) being touted for assisting in training dogs, calming dogs, positively altering their unwanted behaviors, and ultimately improving their emotional and physical health. In Toni Shelbourne’s book, The Truth About Wolves and Dogs, Shelbourne says that she comes across … Continue reading